Hot Chocolate Unscramble Word Game

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Object of the Game

Create as many smaller words as you can from the words "Hot Chocolate." To improve your chances of success, it is suggested that you drink a cup of hot chocolate before starting this game.

Rules of the Game

1. Cannot use Hot or Chocolate as one of your words.
2. Two letter words ARE allowed.
3. Cannot "reuse" letters to make a word. For instance, the word tattle is not allowed, because Hot Chocolate does not have three "t" letters.
4. As long as the word is found in a standard English dictionary it is allowed. No words only found in medical, or scientific dictionaries, please.
5. No proper nouns, abbreviations, hyphenated words, or two word answers, like et al.
6. Slang is fine so long as it is found in a standard English dictionary.
7. If you think you found a new word to add to the official list, then email me at lori at cocoajava dot com.


1 - 20 You have a good start. Trying taking a few more sips of the hot chocolate to rev up your memory banks.
21 - 40 Pat yourself on the back; you are obviously good at this. Maybe you've done this before? Or maybe you gulped down a cup of hot chocolate before you started? :)
41 - 60 Wow! Great Job! You either read a lot or drink a lot (of hot chocolate) or both.
61 or above Magnificent! Splendid! Fantastic! You have just been automatically enrolled in the virtual chocoholic society. Maybe it is time for you to explore a real hobby now. :)

Game Created by Carolyn Stratton