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T&T Esprit porcelain, an association of creators, has existed since 1984. It is a fish-tank of artists, a laboratory of ideas. T&T Esprit porcelain creates objects in its concern to innovate and to show the advantages of the porcelain. Sculptors, ceramists, decorators, designers, plastic makers, they all think on the objects of today and the ones of tomorrow, though the same material - full of magic and inspiration.

Please visit Chocolat Daudi to see their entire line of chocolate pots. Their website is in French - but they were kind enough to send me a catalog through the mail, and it did contain English translations of the artists' descriptions of their work. For the benefit of those who speak English as their main language, this article is meant to help you enjoy the chocolate pots, as well as the delightful descriptions written by each artist. It's a fun peek into the creative minds that ultimately produced these beautiful porcelain pieces. Please note that some phrasing may seem a little odd - I did not change the company's English translations. These are their own words exactly.


This invention comes from stripes of tissue which envelope the conic shape. A contrast between hardness and softness brings poetry in the shape of a chocolate pot and a cup. A colored expression, nothing more than an Italian dream, memory of a trip. Silver, red and yellow emphasize that useful object for the hot chocolate. It leads us into a weird baroque world which finds all its reality in our contemporary world.

Chocolate pot by artist Christian Couty


Voleuse d’esprit

Flavors, an idea of traveling, the spirit of men and the walk of the gods plotting around this dish called chocolate. Greedy people, magic chocolate makers, favors from Africa and South America... All these things needed to be gathered in an only one. Running from imagination to imagination, between porcelain from here and roots from there, this cup - chocolate pot is made to help you taste your hot chocolate. It's up to you to deceive the Gods and to steal the spirits of the cocoa tree. Open your taste buds and enjoy your trip...

Chocolate pot by artist Yann Fayaud






Qui S'Y Frotte Ne S Y Pique Pas
(Cross Swords With It, You Won't Get Hurt)

When the Spanish people tasted chocolate drink for the first time, they found it bitter. Put on your lips the bristling porcelain bowls you'll be surprised! They don't sting! They are even softy thanks to their enamel. They are here to surprise you and tickle you. Wake up your senses and enjoy your tasting!

Chocolate pot by artist Catherine Herve


Acrobats and jugglers, clowns and childhood. Sweets and chocolates. Here is the porcelain circus.

Chocolate pot by artist Anne Merlet


In the Scandinavian mythology, an elf is an aerial genius which symbolizes air, water, fire and earth. From these elements come the porcelain. From the elf, this chocolate pot has the delicate poetry and the
vibration of fairy tails. Maybe you would find it
in the path of a magic forest or under
an extraordinary mushroom.

Chocolate pot by artist Catherine Herve


Its spiral shape is associate to the very heart of the material and the organisation of any form of life in the universe. Daughter of four elements, it will plunge you into a whirl of tasting pleasure; will you be tempted? I have centered my work around the spiral in order to propose you different movements which would not bring the inherent monotony of a more traditional shape with a round base. So, according to one's point of view, one goes from a traditional character to varied feminine sawings, crossing with the handle.

Chocolate pot by artist Joao Alcatrao


This chocolate pot is the continuation of a whole work around the drop. In this object, everything is drop (body, handle, spout, decoration). A research has been realized to manage to get a hold even if you are a right handed person or a left handed one. My principal thought was to put the handles in the volume of the object, which gives it a unity in its shape.

Chocolate pot by artist Jean-Louise Puivif


Thanks to its soared lines, the Kakaoline's name comes from the meeting between the kaolin, part of the porcelain, and from the cocoa. It's a whole for the hot chocolate which leads to refinement and contrasts. The extra white porcelain of Limoges goes with a decoration of chocolate and mat gold. This chocolate pot will be appreciated by your relatives for tastings around a friendly table.

Chocolate pot by artist Yann Fayaud


I was born from the round and the square, my elegance comes from the round and the square from where I have been shaped, soared, stretched, from the square you catch me, you lean me back to pour me, from the square, the round, you discover me, disarrange me.
For you I would become an offer, the symbol of
your parties. My body, full of fluidity, can give
you the wonderful, the tasty and the
delicious flavor of chocolate.

Chocolate pot by artist Christian Couty


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