Making Chocolates at Home, Made Easy!

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If you’re like me and love the sweet, creamy goodness that only a scrumptious bite (or two or three) of chocolate can satisfy, then you might want to consider making it at home – like I do!

Whether your passion is an assortment of sweet creme centers, crunchy nut-filled delights, uniquely-molded shapes, or even velvety-textured truffles, there’s no reason to be intimidated at the idea of making your own homemade chocolate because it’s really much simpler than you might think. And the bonus is that there’s an added reward from indulging in sweet treats that are created by you, in your very own kitchen.

Easy Homemade Chocolate-Making Ideas

For holidays, special occasions or just as an innovative alternative to expressing thanks or congratulations, one of the simplest methods of making chocolates at home is by molding it into shapes because actually, the mold will do most of the work for you. There are so many creative and reasonably-priced molds on the market these days that your only dilemma may be in choosing the one(s) you like best.

You simply melt your favorite kind of chocolate be it light, dark, milk or white (which can also be easily transformed into a variety of shades with a drop or two of food coloring) to a creamy consistency over a double boiler (a pot of simmering water topped with a stainless steel or glass bowl containing your chocolate works very nicely), pour into your molds, tap gently to release any air bubbles, chill and voila! You’ve made your own homemade chocolate-shaped treats to eat and share.

For a variation on molded chocolate morsels, fill the mold half-way, add a nut or other favorite-flavored center, cover with chocolate, tap, chill and release.

You can also stop the process at the melting stage, transfer to a small crock pot at the low setting and serve the melted chocolate as fondue. Provide pieces of biscotti, sliced fruit and even nuts and cheeses, and you’ve got yourself one more fun way to indulge those chocolate cravings.

Another interesting way to pamper our enthusiasm for chocolate is by incorporating this delectable taste sensation into a coffee espresso machine recipe. Your taste buds will tell you that adding cocoa powder or chocolate chips to your coffee, cappuccino or espresso can really vamp up your cup! Easy-to-use Pasquini or Saeco espresso machines will make this experience an even more enjoyable one. Also, try dipping coffee beans in melted chocolate for a satisfying snack.

When all is said and easily done, you’ll not only have impressed your friends, family, co-workers, etc. with your new-found, homemade chocolate-making talent, but you are also welcome to feel a sense of pride from your tasty accomplishment as well.