Martine's Top Rated Chocolates Offers Customized "Small Indulgences" For The Holidays

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November, 2008 - In uncertain times, chocolate consumption is one of the few things that don't go down, in fact, it goes up! Chocolate offers not only comforting, "feel-good" moments (and even some possible health benefits), it is a pleasure and "small indulgence" that one can still afford. Perhaps that trip to France is postponed, that HD TV may have to wait, but not the pure pleasure of chocolate.

So with the holidays around the corner, and in a volatile world - only the best will do. Rated a staggering 29 for excellence in the Zagat gourmet guide (yet again), Martine's offers an ideal customized gift for the holidays. And this year, for the first time, Martine's Chocolates lets you fill your gift box online with a customized selection of your (or the recipient's) favorite chocolate pieces.

In addition, Martine's now offers the same quality, unequaled taste and customization with her new line of sugar-free chocolates.

Martine's Chocolates also offers a full array of exquisite solid chocolate creations. For Thanksgiving there are life-like round Pumpkins, majestic Turkeys, bright Autumn Leaves, and chocolate Cornucopias that can be filled with Marzipan Fruit or Chocolates and turned into bountiful centerpieces.

Chanukah and Christmas are celebrated at Martine's with radiant Menorahs, jolly old-fashioned Santas, cute, colorful Santa Bears, and elegant Christmas Ornaments, as well as many others.

All creations are made from the same high quality chocolate as Martine's boxed chocolates. They are hand colored and available in milk, dark and white chocolate in a range of sizes. These delicious treats are ideal as hostess gifts, stocking stuffers or holiday presents. They can be personalized too.

Martine has developed a well deserved reputation for dispensing good advice on holiday gift giving and chocolate solutions. Martine's Chocolates are made fresh every day at her shops in front of the customers, by using only the finest all natural ingredients such as imported Belgian Chocolate, American Cream and French Butter.

Martine doesn't simply have customers, she has fans who literally will not settle for anything else.

Martine's Chocolates, because you deserve the best.

# # #

Martine's Chocolates' flagship store is located on the 6th floor of Bloomingdale's, at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City. Martine's Chocolates too is located at 400 East 82nd Street (off 1st Avenue). The chocolates are hand delivered in Manhattan and shipped all over the world .They may be ordered online at, by calling at (212) 744 6289, by e-mail at, or by fax at (212) 744-3604.

For more information, the public can visit: