Weird and Wonderful Chocolate Treats

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Unusual flavour combinations in sweets are becoming increasingly popular. Most chocolate manufacturers and retailers now do some variation on a salted caramel theme, for example (Hint: don’t try Disney ones unless you REALLY like salt – my mum and I had to throw them away during a recent visit to America, and we love salted caramels). Here are some more exotic, weird and wonderful chocolate treats from around the world.

Chocolate covered bacon
This is an increasingly popular American snack that’s even been featured on TV programmes about food. It is based on the idea that everyone loves bacon and everyone loves chocolate (which is more or less true!), and consists basically of rashers of crispy bacon coated in either milk or dark chocolate. Sometimes toppings such as sea salt or nuts are added.

This treat is popular at State Fairs in The US. But it definitely seems to be a love it or hate it kind of thing. Who knows though? Maple syrup and bacon works well, so why not chocolate and bacon? Don’t think I’ll be having it with pancakes any time soon, though!

Japanese KitKats
Japan seems to have a fascination with KitKats that borders on obsession. This is thought to be largely because the name “Kit Kat” is similar to “Kitto Katsu”, which is a sort of good luck expression. As a result, KitKats have become a bit of a good luck charm in Japan, especially among students taking exams.

To capitalise on this, Nestle Japan have released more than 50 flavours of KitKat to date. Some of these are limited edition, some are only available in certain regions, but almost all of them have some kind of weird and wonderful flavouring.

Some examples include: corn, purple sweet potato, whole wheat, melon, green tea, red bean, rose and sports drink.

Many of the flavours sound quite scary, but they sell like hotcakes. If you don’t live in Japan and fancy trying something a bit different, you can find some flavours on the internet. There’s even a blog devoted to tasting all the different flavours. It can be found here: Jen’s KitKat Blog.

Chocolate-covered bugs
From ants to beetles and spiders to scorpions, you can buy a variety of different chocolate-covered bug products. Why not try white chocolate ant wafers? Or maybe milk chocolate covered crickets? Anybody? No? For those brave enough to attempt these things (not me!) apparently all you can taste is slightly crunchy chocolate, so if you’ve got a taste for the weird and wonderful (or if you’re evil and want to trick your friends!), give these a try.

Chocolate wine
Sounds like a match made in Heaven, right? Or maybe not, depending on your taste in alcohol. At any rate, an American company has blended French Cabernet wine with Dutch dark chocolate to create a “tantalizing blend” of flavours. And it’s done rather well. Plenty of people love wine, and even more love chocolate, so it’s a win-win. And even better, chocolate and wine are both rich in antioxidants, so you can tell yourself it’s a healthy option too!

Author Bio
Helen Laird writes for Martin's Chocolatier, an online chocolate retailer specialising in sourcing chocolate from artisan chocolate-makers around the world.