Mexico's Food Of The Gods Festival
October 5-12, 2002

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Press Release

OAXACA, Mexico - June 11, 2002 /Xpress Press/ - Each October more food lovers from the U.S. are heading down to the annual "Food of the Gods Festival" in Oaxaca, Mexico to explore the popular Oaxacan cuisine and experience the diverse culture of its people.

"American's interest in foreign and exotic cuisine, coupled by the desire for "out of the ordinary" travel experiences has spurred interest in the event, according to Tom Cotter of Travel 360, a U.S. based travel company offering packages to the event.

Cotter adds, "The popularity of TV cooking shows featuring Mexican and Oaxacan cuisine such as PBS's One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless and Susana Trilling's Season of my Heart, have contributed to Oaxaca's allure".

Chef Trilling's book of the same name, "Seasons of My Heart a Culinary Journey Through Oaxaca, Mexico," has also added to the festival's increasing success, as has the very successful "The Food and Life of Oaxaca Traditional Recipes from Mexico's Heart" by Zarela Martinez.

With 17 indigenous Indian groups from the Oaxacan valleys, mountains and coastal regions contributing to this robust cuisine, Oaxaca today offers a wide variety of eating pleasures - lifting what was basically peasant food to incredible heights of culinary sophistication.

Oaxaca is really the place of choice to experience authentic pre-Hispanic flavors; flavors that were enhanced by the skills of early convent nuns and perfected by present-day chefs.

The week long festival, held October 5-12, offers a number of hands-on cooking opportunities taught by four different local chefs, each known for their specialties.

Additionally, an impressive list of other events include wine tasting, chocolate making, a coffee mill tour, Mezcal tasting, nature walks, archeological tours, and trips to craft villages and markets.

Rates for the week (excluding airfare) start at $665.00 per person based on double occupancy available through Travel 360.

Jacinto Ku, of the Oaxacan Hotel Group describes the trip as a "A culinary exploration of culture. It's a way to get to know a unique group of people through their food and the way they prepare and enjoy it. It's also wonderfully self indulgent."