Schakolad Chocolate Factory Introduces Exotic New Truffle Flavors

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For Chocolate enthusiasts, Chocolate knows no season. It is pefect for every season. And, for the European-Style Chocolatier, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, that statement now has very distinct flavors to back it up.

This month, Schakolad, winner of the best truffle at the Fontainebleau Chocolate Festival, is treating their customers to a new Signature line of unique chocolate creations…

Introducing Schakolad Chocolate Factory’s Truffles of the Season - six exotic truffle flavors that combine some of the best and most unusual aromas and flavors of the seasons into their creamy decadent chocolates.

“We wanted to create combinations that reflect the spirit of the seasons – but we were committed to making the tastes interesting and unusual. It is our intention that this signature line makes the statement that a single chocolate can be both divine and delicate while at the same time be a truly innovative taste sensation” says Schakolad Chocolatier Edgar Schaked. These aren’t the old “stand-by” seasonal flavors… these have panache.

The Truffles of the Season were developed by Master Chocolatier Baruch Schaked, founder of Schakolad Chocolate Factory. He searched for ingredients that maintained their freshness in chocolate and that, when balanced together, would capture the richness of a season…with a bit of a twist. The end result was something that very few chocolate companies in the world are able to achieve… the taste of two strong flavors in the same piece of chocolate that complement instead of compete, to give each truffle a distinctive personality.

Truffles of the Season will be introduced in pairs each season beginning with the robust-flavored fall collection due to find its way to a custom designed display case in mid-October.

“It's hard to imagine a holiday or family gathering without chocolate – now, Schakolad actually captures those moments in each of their Truffles of the Season,” says Edgar Schaked.

Each truffle is hand-rolled, enrobed in creamy dark chocolate and free of preservatives or additives. At Schakolad, truffles are handmade on location in the European tradition so freshness will never be compromised by bulk processing or shipping.

The first three “Truffle of the Season” pairs are:

(October 15th - December 24th)

Pumpkin Spice – A combination of spices, including pumpkin spice and allspice with a hint of nutmeg, clove and Jamaican pepper. This fall flavor conjures up the taste and aroma of warm, just-baked pumpkin pie.

Egg Nog - A classic holiday drink that is rich and creamy, has strong notes of vanilla, with whispers of rum and a dash of nutmeg.

(January 15th - March 15th)

Apricot Cayenne - A rich and indulgent caramelized apricot meets the zesty, flavor enhancing character of Cayenne pepper for a savory sweetness that finishes with a warm, spicy surprise.

Rose Petals - Made with the essence of organically grown rose petal, this fanciful flavor is simple, purely floral and delightfully clean. It will be the prettiest tasting chocolate you will ever eat

(April 1st - May 31st)

Pineapple Wasabi – The harmonic taste of sweet ripe fruity pineapple rounded with the intense “kick” of fresh Wasabi paired together for a truly balanced, devilishly smooth flavor enchantment.

Apple Cinnamon - The crisp flavor of juicy tart apples and the tangy, aromatic taste of cinnamon essence balanced with a hint of brown sugar create a wonderfully light spring-flavored version of Mom’s Apple Strudel.

The popularity of uniquely flavored chocolates continues to grow, with gourmet chocolate being one of the fastest growing trends for personal indulgence. For many people, Chocolate is a very individual experience. Just as with coffee or wines, gourmet Chocolate makers attract a following for their distinctive tastes, blends and presentation. One taste of fresh chocolate is often what turns the consumer into a connoisseur versus simply a shopper.

The franchise system was created by Edgar Schaked with his father, Baruch Schaked, an expert in the art of chocolate making since 1969. Baruch learned the art of making chocolates in a large chocolate factory in Argentina with his father-in-law. The elder Schaked also traveled extensively to prestigious schools for chocolate manufacturing in Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Schaked moved to Florida in 1985 and for nine years operated a chocolate boutique store in Miami. At this store, he put into practice all the knowledge he accumulated while traveling throughout Europe. He won first prize awards at the Fontainebleau Chocolate Festival in Miami for his truffles.

After his son graduated from Florida International University, he asked his father to teach him his legacy, so he might continue with the family tradition of exquisite chocolate making. There was only one catch- Edgar Schaked wanted to create a chain of stores. The elder Schaked agreed, and together they opened Schakolad Chocolate Factory (their last name turned into chocolate).

With 31 Stores across the world, the brand is fast becoming recognized as the perfect combination of a quality upscale chocolate boutique and a service oriented atmosphere of the corner Mom and Pop European Chocolateria.

Additional information regarding the franchise system can be obtained from the corporate Web site: and from Edgar Schaked at (407) 248-6400.