A Variation on
Moo-Less Chocolate Pie

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This recipe was originally shared in a livejournal recipe community by Tigerbright, who has given me permission to reprint her instructions here.

A vegan dessert from the blender!

For health-related reasons, I decided to try out a tofu-based dessert from Alton Brown. It worked marvelously.

The original recipe is called Moo-Less Chocolate Pie but I made some adaptations.

First, I borrowed my roommate's coffeemaker to make some coffee. While that was brewing, I started water boiling in a small saucepan and crushed two dark chocolate bars (25g apiece; because of my insulin resistance, I used this stuff which is marketed at Trader Joe's as the Carb Safe brand and is the best sugar-free chocolate I have EVER tasted, and in the top ten of any chocolate I've ever had) and put the pieces into a metal bowl. When the water was just before a boil, I put the bowl over the saucepan and added 1/3 cup hot coffee, and stirred that over the hot water till melted.

Then I took one block of silken tofu and threw it into the blender, adding the chocolate mixture on top, and turned it to "whip" until it was smooth, and then used a rubber spatula to scrape the resulting creamy mixture into two bowls; it made about two cups. Based on the strength of the chocolate flavor, I probably could have added another half-block of tofu.

After I was done, my roommate (who is making Christmas fruitcakes this weekend) wandered into the kitchen and found me standing in the middle of the floor scraping out the blender with a spoon (she missed me unscrewing the bottom and cleaning it off with my finger and licking my fingers) and said, "I see you've fallen in love with your new pudding!"