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All Info About Chocolate
Sylvie Fisher's site lives up to its name. All kinds of info on our favorite food will be found here.

Bakers Chocolate | Chocolate Euphoria
Chocolate: how to make it, where to buy it. Articles, recipes, and links covering white chocolate, Belgian chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, gourmet chocolate, and much more.

Baking with my Two-Year-Old
The trials and tribulations of having a toddler in the kitchen.

Chocolate and Other Poems for Pleasure
A blog devoted to the appreciation of chocolate. You'll find poetry, audio commentaries, and other bits of chocolate news.

Chocolate Appreciation
Pam Williams teaches you what you should be looking for when conducting a chocolate tasting.

Chocolate Bytes
The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club has pulled together some fascinating facts and figures about cocoa trees, from which we obtain our precious cocoa beans.

Chocolate Chipper
A chocolate lover's resource.

Chocolate Cruise
Join Madelyn Miller as she describes her real-life fantasy vacation - Chocolatier Magazine's gourmet chocolate cruise around the Caribbean aboard the Cunard Crown Jewel.

Chocolate Makers Extraordinaire
This extensive article by Pam Williams takes a look at many of the major manufacturers, and talks about the history and production of chocolate. It's an interesting overview of the chocolate world from one chocolatier's point of view.

Chocolate Poetry - The Chocolate Muse
Kay Sullivan shares her poem about chocolate. I think everyone who has ever enjoyed this sweet treat will be able to identify with her work.

Chocolate Zoom
The premier chocolate guide for New York City.

Fun and Food
Everyday you come in touch with something new and exciting in the culinary world, and the chef inside you craves to take up the challenge and create something marvellous. But cooking should never be just a "chore"; it is fun and adventurous, and no matter how things go, your aim should always be to create something you and the people around you would always cherish. That's the idea behind Fun and Food. We are ready to serve you the best, and our recipes range from the basic to the most drool-worthy varieties, something for every chef, be it a novice or an expert.

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Ideas
Find lots of gift ideas, information and even gourmet chocolate recipes.

How Stuff Works - Chocolate
A wonderful lesson in where chocolate comes from, for both children and adults. The article is enhanced with great photographs, especially of the cacao seed pods and the actual cocoa beans.

Our Cookbook: Fabulous Family Favorites
A family recipe blog created by Breck and Gus, with contributions added often by their extended family. Their origins are in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia, but the family brings in favorites recipes from where ever they may roam. There's a couple of amazing chocolate cakes, and other sweet treats you might like!

TasteTV Chocolate News Updates
Updates on the Latest Chocolate News.

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