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Amazing Drink Archive - Toddies
This great drink collection includes many treats made with chocolate. Browse through this Toddies page and you'll see what I mean. Yum.

Cabaret Brewed Chocolate
We brew whole raw cacao beans in water to extract the flavor and essence. Much the same as coffee is brewed from coffee beans -- except it takes a lot longer and it takes a lot a beans. A full pound of whole raw cacao for every jar.

Cappuccino Connection
Selling speciality beverage mixes to retailers, distributors and home users. Their home page will delight your eyes. I also note that they are a distributor of the Cocomotion machine, which is to chocolate what Mr. Coffee is to coffee!

Chocolate Coffee
The two best flavors in the world combined in one satisfying, hot drink. Rich and frothy, with whipped cream on top. Who can resist?

Chocolate Drink Recipes
Chocolate Lovers - Cookie Recipes - Chocolate Drink Recipes is for those that enjoy eating as much as I do. It is loaded with all sorts of good eats and recipes that are easy to prepare.

Chocolate Lemonade
Yes, really! Aunt Sadie recommends this unusual drink, and who are we to argue with her?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
Whip up this rich treat with the help of your blender. Very quick, easy, and oh so tasty.

Hot Chocolate Drinks
Brave enough to try a drink like the one Montezuma drank daily? That recipe is here, along with many other hot, soothing concoctions.

Infusions of Grandeur
Infusions of Grandeur is a blog of vodka infusions and mad science. Your hosts, renowned mad scienticians Brendan and Wayland, begin an experiment each week, infusing vodka with a new flavor.
(CocoaJava would like to note that both chocolate and coffee vodkas have been created.)

Through a winning recipe that includes chocolate made of top quality cocoa, combined with creamer and sugar, MacChocolate is an instant chocolate drink that is in a class of its own.

Mocha My Day
Mocha your next private or corporate event extra special with a delicious selection of chocolate mochas, flavored lattes, hot chocolate, and other drinkable desserts. Their mobile mocha bar goes anywhere you want to have fun! Atlanta area only.

Taos Hot Chocolate
This is a delicious 'from-scratch' recipe, which gains extra flavor from cinnamon, vanilla and almond flavorings.

Yoo-Hoo Reviews
BevNET - The Beverage Network - takes a look at the classic chocolate drink Yoo-Hoo, and also reviews the strawberry and coconut Yoo-Hoo "Mix-Ups". These reviewers certainly don't hold back their feelings!

Have I left out a site that should be on this list? E-Mail me the details at lori at cocoajava dot com so I can check it out! Please allow a few weeks for new link requests to be completed.