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Almond Toffee
Pecan, Nut free and almond toffee topped with fine chocolate. Hand packed in Arizona and shipped around the world daily.

Anette's Chocolate Factory of Napa Valley
A 50 year old Napa Tradition, makers of some of the finest chocolates in the World! Creators of Truffles, Fudges, Creams, Brittles and many other confectionery wonders, including Wine Truffles and Chocolate Wine Sauces.

Atlanta Chocolate Company
Chocolate bars with names, dates, graphics and logos. You can make the custom chocolates yourself with their custom chocolate molds, or if you prefer, they can have them made for you.

Bean Chocolate
Bean is an independent shop selling a wide range of delicious hand made chocolates and fresh cream truffles, hand made crumbly fudge and old fashioned sweets.

Belgian Chocolate Gifts - Coeur Touché
The exclusive online dealer for the prestigious Belgian « Coeur Touché » chocolates. These premium quality chocolates are fresh made in Belgium and shipped worldwide to the address of your choice.

Béquet Confections
Caramels with a twist - look for the Chipotle,Espresso, Salt-Chocolate and more!

Bernard Callebaut
Available in limited locations throughout Canada and the United States. Devotees of this brand swear by it and refuse all others!

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier
B.T. McElrath of Minneapolis has won the prestigious Gallo Family Vineyards Gold Medal Award for the Outstanding Confectionery Good of 2007 for thier Passion Fruit Truffle.

Chocoholic's Delight
Started as a home based business, and now located in a retail store in Oak Creek Wisconsin. Turtle Bars, Cashew Heavens, specialty molded chocolates and more can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Chocolat Bon Vivant
This company uses the freshest cream, european butter, premium liqueurs and spirits, and natural extracts to create the finest bon vivant experience. Products are manufactured in small batches, without the use of artificial preservatives, extenders or flavorings.

Chocolat Celeste
Based in St. Paul, Minnesota - Handmade fresh truffles with the finest European bittersweet chocolate for the chocolate aficionado. Elegantly packaged in black with a touch of silver. Available on the web.

Chocolat Dé-Lys - The Daughters of Mary
Some of the Daughters of Mary have developed a talent for creating wonderful truffles and pralines. Their creations may be purchased at “Le Rosier d’Or” in Quebec, Canada.

The Chocolate Garden
Located just outside of Coloma, Michigan. Order their creations online, or pay a visit to the shop. As the site says, "While you're here you can also visit 2 wineries, 2 farm markets, an art gallery and several antique shops! Doesn't that sound like a nice day in the country?"

Chocolate Gourmet Candy
Decadent, quality, fresh, handmade gourmet chocolates, fudge, caramel apples, sugar free, and dairy free chocolates all in one place.

The Chocolate Path is dedicated to searching the globe for only the very best sources of dark chocolate and we have brought our favorites home to share with you.

The Chocolate Vault
Located in Tecumseh, Michigan (In a very charming store that Ms. CocoaJava and friends have visited!) This company provides an extensive amount of molded chocolates for any need or occasion, and can ship year-round.

Chocolate provides information and pictures of chocolate sculpture, chocolate showpieces and chocolate carvings. There are also sections on wedding cakes, pulled sugar and plated desserts and chocolate recipes.

Chocolates Para Ti
We have a long tradition of using native
ingredients such as cacao, quinoa and amaranth to make some of the best chocolate in South America. From our factory in Sucre, Bolivia, we bring you chocolate that will let you discover the many different flavors of our country.

All chocolates are made by hand in small batches, using only imported Callebaut Belgian chocolate. No artificial flavours or colours are used.

Offering the fresh and handmade Belgian chocolates of Frederic Blondeel, one of Belgium's finest chocolatiers, online. We aim to provide the highest quality in chocolate possible at an affordable price. Our ingredients do not contain any preservatives and the chocolates are all finished by hand. There is an enormous love and precision put in the chocolates of Frederic Blondeel.

Chouchoute Chocolaterie Ltd - Buy Chocolates Online
Luxury Chocolates and Handmade Chocolate gifts complete with deluxe wrapping plus delivery. Chouchoute are not only chocolate fountain specialists, we also deal with luxury hampers including champagne, corporate gifts and chocolate gift boxes.

Clockwork Confections - Steampunk Chocolates
"A Curious Collection of Diabollically Delicious Desserts and Other Steampunk Oddities" Four talented Steampunk artists turn their attentions (and their madness) to the genteel pursuit of careers as chocolatiers. What could possibly go wrong?

Cocoa Gourmet
Gourmet chocolates decorated with edible gold, silver, and precious gems.

Covered Chocolates
Covered Chocolates sells gourmet chocolates and confections, such as a new line of truffles. Products are geared toward weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, & holidays.

Creative Confectionaire
Creators of truffles and other fine chocolates, as well as a source of chocolate fountain rentals in the Hastings, Minnesota area.

Custom and Personalized Chocolate Gifts
Browse Chocolate Pen Catalog for personalized chocolates, chocolate business cards, and foil-wrapped coins customized with logo, for corporate business promotions and gifts of all kinds.

CyberSnacks, Inc.
The galaxy's leading candy company that manufactures and distributes various candies designed with a computer and internet theme.

Derrry Church Artesian Chocolates
We hand-produce some of the most distinctive French luxury chocolates available in the United States today. All of our high-end gifts that we sell from our website are beyond comparison, both in quality and originality...Derry Church Artisan Chocolates are a one-of-a-kind AMERICAN ORIGINAL!

Eclipse Chocolate
Established in 2004, Eclipse specializes in creating exotic chocolate infusions in truffles, solid bars, and other exciting confections. Eclipse strives to expand the boundaries of chocolate flavors while operating in an eco-friendly manner and donating 10% of its annual net profit to the the development of local and regional non-profits and charities.

Elaine González - Chocolate Artistry
This award winning instructor and chocolate artist has been featured in musuems and many forms of media. She's also the author of The Art Of Chocolate. Her comprehensive, beautiful site is both entertaining and a great study guide.

Euphoria Chocolate Company
Recommended by a CocoaJava readers who says... "Their chocolate caramels are the best in the world".

Fenton & Lee Chocolatiers
Based in Oregon, this company takes the 'art' of chocolate seriously. Be sure to look at the pictures on this page, they are not what they seem at first glance!

Gay Pride Chocolates
Creator of artisan chocolates decorated with symbols of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community such as the pink triangle, red AIDS ribbon, rainbow, the Greek letter lambda among others with exotic fruit and flower fillings such as passion fruit, tamarind, guava, sweet sesame seed paste, jalapeño, café-au-lait, rose and jasmine.

Gearhart's Chocolates
World-renowned Criolla Cacao from the finest Venezuelan plantations imparts Gearhart's chocolate with unparalleled depth and complexity. Each piece is finished by hand.

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts
Award winning gourmet chocolate gifts including gourmet Belgian chocolate bark all wrapped in incredible packaging for the chocolate lover in your life.

Guylian today continues to follow the creative and ambitious footsteps of Guy and Liliane Foubert, who founded the company more than 30 years ago, and is now the leading manufacturer of boxed chocolates in Belgium.

Have to Have Chocolate
This Vancouver, British Columbia shop handcrafts fine Belgian truffles, creams, ganaches, clusters, and can custom mold chocolate into speciality items for your business needs.

Heidi Premium Chocolates
Located in Romania, the site is available in both English and Romanian. Many flavors of chocolate tablets are available, as well as pralines, seasonal products, and more.
A Canadian distributor of various chocolate brands -specializing in distributing dark chocolate for those who prefer it.

I Left my (Chocolate) Heart in San Francisco
Betsy Malloy, your About Guide to California for Visitors gives us a tour of San Francisco's best chocolate shops, where you will be introduced to three outstanding chocolatiers.

Specializing in Swiss French chocolates specialties, catering to the US via the internet and wine/gourmet shops. All chocolates are fresh and use no preservatives and only the best liquors, nuts and cocoa. You'll find chocolate recipes, interactive trivia/history and information on the health benefits of chocolate, a chocolate interactive quiz and a chocolate contest.

Joseph Schmidt Confections
Joseph Schmidt Confections started in 1983 in a small shop in an offbeat San Francisco neighborhood.

Katherine Anne Confections
Katherine Anne has been making decadent confections ever since her childhood on a Wisconsin farm. Her mother taught her how to use fresh cream from the family's Jersey cows to create batches of old-fashioned caramels. During the holidays, her father sold "Katharine's Karamels" at work for 25 cents each. Over the years, Katherine's passion for creating artisanal confections grew, and she perfected three classic caramel flavors and six exquisite truffle varieties.

Kerri's Candies
A family owned and operated Long Island shop since 1991. Favors for all occasions,
chocolate dipped fruit, corporate gifts, chocolate fountain rentals and more!

Kim's Candies
Featuring macadamia nut chocolates produced in California. Even the nuts are grown from California trees.

La Dolce V Fine Chocolates
All chocolates are shipped via overnight delivery between mid-April and the end of October, within the United States. The prices are quite reasonable for good, handcrafted chocolates.

Leah's Candy Kitchen
Hand dipped chocolates and truffles, along with "New Orleans Style" pralines and pecan brittle.

Le Maitre Belgian Handmade Chocolates
"Le Maître" is an artisanal company that boasts an impressive assortment of more than 40 types of praline as well as ten varieties of truffle. Naturally, we take account of the demands of the market and our seasonal products, whether for New Year, Easter or Saint Nicholas, make a delightful addition to every festive table.

Les Truffes
Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Choose from 32 varieties of hand-made truffles, made of the finest Swiss chocolate and all natural fillings.

Luxury Chocolate Cake
A Luxury Chocolate Cake. Light, fruity, sweet – pure temptation for the senses. Cake Queen draw on the decades of experience of Swiss and Austrian chocolatiers.

Maine Gourmet and Crafts
A variety of gift and promotional items are available for shipping to anywhere in the United States or Canada. Don't miss the "Party Planner" page for unique items for children's parties.

Marble Hill Chocolatier
This artisan chocolate boutique and tasting room is located in the historic O’Bryonville area of Cincinnati. Order online, or plan to visit during one of their frequent chocolate tasting events!

Marich Confectionery
A CocoaJava reader recommended this company during a websearch for a pastel raisin she loved. This company is the source of those and many other wonderful treats.

Marsatta Fancy Chocolates
Located in Redondo Beach, California Marsatta Fancy Chocolates makes chocolate (bean 2 bar) and also has a specialty chocolate and truffle line. Jeffray D. Gardner creates exquisite chocolate with only the finest cocoa beans. His line of chocolates and truffles are available at fine gourmet outlets and online on their website.

Martin's Chocolatier
Bbased in the UK, this chocolatier sources interesting and unusual chocolates from around the world.

Moosely Chocolate
A family owned and operated business based in Denver, Colorado. All products are handmade and contain no artificial preservatives.

Nantucket Clipper Chocolatier
Offering Cranberry Creations, an inspired combination of luxurious chocolate with bold, flavorful cranberries. Awarded a place on Oprah's O List as well as being named Best of Boston. Specializing in world class truffles, fine chocolate buttercrunch and exquisite handmade Belgian chocolates.

Neuhaus UK bring you Milk Chocolates, Luxury Belgian Chocolate Gift Boxes Online
Neuhaus Chocolates offers Luxury chocolate gift, chocolate gift boxes and Belgian milk chocolate online by Neuhaus, the leading producers of Belgian chocolate.

Norman Love Confections
Enjoy delicious gourmet chocolate, including selections of fine dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and gourmet chocolate truffles. Each handmade chocolate is an edible work of art that will arouse all of your senses.

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory
The only grower and processor of Hawaiian chocolate in the US. Chocolate is grown and processed right on the farm from tree to chocolate bar.

Over The Moon Chocolate Company
Located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chocolates may be purchased at local retail outlets, or online at their website.

Péché Chocolate

Péché chocolate uses 100% natural ingredients from Belgium, Italy, France, Turkey and Lebanon. Based in North Carolina, they will ship anywhere in the United States.

Sells handmade chocolate confections. Products include gourmet chocolate truffles, chocolate bark, dried fruits hand dipped in white, dark, or milk chocolate, chocolate covered cherries flavored with cherry brandy, and more.

Permanent Lemon
A chocolatier based in the UK. Be sure to click on "Flavours" and explore the descriptions of the various chocolates. They are worded beautifully.

Pierre Koenig’s
This line of chocolates is sold from their own shops in France, as well as other select retail outlets. They also produce special requests for other confectioners.

Pierre Vivier - French Chocolates
This romantic French chocolatier creates lovely heart-shaped chocolates for the one you love.

"Your Partner In Chocolate". If you require fine Belgian chocolates for your business or venture, explore the various options Pralibel offers. (Belgian language link available.)

Pure Chocolates
Handmade Belgian chocolates, direct from Belgium. This chocolatier is set up to accept PayPal orders.

Queen Bee Gardens
With 30 years experience in the confectionary industry and nearly 100 years in the beekeeping industry this family owned and operated company provides hand-crafted candies that are sweetened with honey, using all natural ingredients.

Recchiuti Confections
Michael Recchiuti started this shop with his wife Jacky and the idea that once you introduce truly exquisite chocolates to people, they will be won over instantly and forever.

Rich Chocolates
Rich Chocolates & Candies is a new shop in Chicago specializing in handmade artisan chocolates, as well as other goodies like toffee, pate de fruit, and caramel corn.

Richard Donnelly Chocolates
Since 1988, Donnelly chocolate has been made by hand from the finest French and Belgian couvertures. After studying with master chocolatiers in Paris and Brussels, Richard Donnelly returned to the United States to create his own line of chocolates, focusing on simple yet sophisticated flavors.

RnJ Signature Chocolates
Specializes in custom chocolate designs for every occasion. All chocolates are handmade per your order to ensure freshness and quality. Chocolates are available in Milk or Dark chocolate, and sugar free/ low carb Milk or Dark chocolate. Be sure to check out their truffles!

Ruben's Chocolates
Handmade Belgian chocolates, all of which are the creations of Master Chocolatier Christiane Nuyts. All are available to purchase online, and come with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Sam's Chocolates
I like this description enough that I'm quoting the website: "The Sam's name comes from three wonderful kids names Scotty, Ashley and McKinzie. By selling chocolate over the Internet, we have been given the ability to spend more time with the true treasures of our lives.....our children. We very much enjoy making delicious chocolates and what a better way to have the opportunity to spend more time with our kids than start our very own company."

San Francisco Chocolate Factory
Featuring many signature products - we took particular notice of the Double Chocolate Vodka Earthquake Cake.

Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Founded by Baruch Schaked, who began his career as a chocolatier in Argentina. Now you can purchase handmade European style chocolates along with chocolate specialty and gift items from one of their many locations

Shari's Berries
These are the prettiest chocolate-dipped strawberries I've ever seen. Shari's also has chocolate-dipped wine bottles and other pretty gift items.

Soleil Chocolates
Soleil chocolates are handcrafted by chefs that are not only candy makers, but multi talented professionals who have perfected their skills in some of the finer restaurants and bakeries in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Teuscher Swiss Chocolates
Gourmet Swiss champagne & assorted truffles. Teuscher has stores in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Each store is independently owned.

The Ten Best Chocolatiers
Daniel Rogov, professional wine, restaurant and travel critic, lists his personal favorites from around the world.

Treat Mountain Chocolate Truffles and Imported Chocolates
Treat Mountain exists to bring you some of the finest gourmet chocolates and chocolate truffles for all of your special occassions.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat
Vosges' exotic truffles are made from the finest ingredients offered around the world. Owner/Chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, personally chooses every spice, flower and chocolate that is flown into our Chicago kitchen.

Whetstone Chocolates
St. Augustine, Florida's local chocolate maker -- online store, fun chocolate facts, free factory tours.

Woodhouse Chocolates
This small maker of hand-crafted chocolates in Napa makes wonderful chocolates, on par with the finest European makers.

All Xocoatl chocolates are truly handmade with only the finest beans available. They add our own blend of spices including a hint of red chile powder which was the favorite spice of the Mayans and Aztecs to flavor their cocoa. Xocoatl uses this Mayan fashioned chocolate to create the finest French confections possible.

Have I left out a site that should be on this list? E-Mail me the details at lori at cocoajava dot com so I can check it out! Please allow a few weeks for new link requests to be completed.