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Whether you have an allergy, or just ran out of eggs, there are plenty of desserts that can be made without them.

Chocolate Applesauce Cake
A very dense but very chocolaty cake. Raisins and pecans add interest and texture.

Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting
A simple cake which does not need a lot of special ingredients. The frosting is also easy to make.

Chocolate Chocolate Biscotti
This recipe depends on using a liquid egg substitute. Biscotti stores well, and keeps for a long time. They are wonderful with coffee or tea.

Chocolate Pie
Made with semi-sweet chocolate and sour cream, this pie needs to chill overnight to be at its best.

Crazy Cake
During the depression era, many ingredients just were not readily available. This recipe from that era does not need eggs.

Crazy Mixed Up Cake
This fun-to-make cake uses two kinds of chocolate for extra richness and flavor.

Easy Eggless Chocolate Cake
This is a classic eggless cake, which substitutes vinegar and sweetened, condensed milk to create a rich, satisfying dessert.

Eight Eggless Cookies
A variety of recipes, many of which contain chocolate. I'm rather intrigued by the recipe for "Mock Butterfingers".

Have I left out a site that should be on this list? E-Mail me the details at lori at cocoajava dot com so I can check it out! Please allow a few weeks for new link requests to be completed.