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Special chocolate recipes and resources for those with low-fat needs.

Also, be sure to browse the "Your Health and Chocolate" Links

Chocolate Biscotti
Flora's Recipe Hideout shares a Ladies' Home Journal recipe for a delicious biscotti. This is the perfect companion to go along with a hot cup of coffee.

Chocolate Cake
A good, basic cake recipe. Low fat sour cream adds moisture and richness.

Chocolate Crepes
From About.com's Guide to Low Fat Cooking. A mixed fruit and Grand Marnier filling makes these crepes rich and refreshing.

Chocolate Ice Cream
You can create this frozen treat with an ice cream maker, or try the "still-freeze method" by following the provided instructions. The ingredients are very simple to assemble.

Chocolate Mousse
Cocoa and chocolate combine in this rich mousse. Gelatine and egg whites add to the overall airy quality and texture.

Chocolate Pudding
This is a cooked pudding you'll make on the stovetop. Brown sugar adds extra richness to the flavor.

Chocolate Éclair Cake
You'll find this recipe easy to make since it uses common store-bought mixes and graham crackers. Layered ingredients make it a fun, satisfying dessert.

Deep Dark Hot Chocolate
Low fat and sugar free (this one uses Splenda), this recipe comes from the Diabetes123 site.

Dessert Pasta
Try something different! Picture your pasta topped with a strawberry and cream sauce. Let your imagination take over and see what you can create with these flavorful noodles.

Guilt Free Coffee Creations
Low fat chocolate milk is the perfect way to satisfy your chocolate cravings without putting on the pounds.

Heat Up to Hot Chocolate
When the temperatures hit freezing, kids and adults alike seek out sweet treats to warm up their winters. But before the cold snap hits, some of America's hottest chefs have teamed up to create decadent, yet nutrients-packed hot chocolate drinks made with low fat chocolate milk.

Hot Chocolate
Here's a recipe for making your own instant mix with reduced fat, from the Recipe Goldmine.

Indulge In Chocolate
Gourmet chocolate for true gourmet chocolate lovers. Vegan, sugar free, low carb, chocolate cherries and more.

Low Fat Cookie Recipes
About.com's Guide to Low Fat Cooking has collected many cookie recipes, and a lot of them contain chocolate.

Orange Mousse
Toasted pecans and orange juice add flavor to this nice treat, which has only 2 grams of fat per serving.

Have I left out a site that should be on this list? E-Mail me the details at lori at cocoajava dot com so I can check it out! Please allow a few weeks for new link requests to be completed.