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Wondering what's best in the world of chocolate? Need help deciding? Find out what others have to say.

Book Review: "A True History Of Chocolate"
This 1994 book, written by the late Sophie Coe, was reviewed by the Center for Latin American Art and Archaeology and ALIANZA de Las Artes Americanas at the Denver Art Museum.

Cocoa and Chocolate listing
Complete listing of chocolate related sites offering various goods and products: Chocolate gifts, wine and chocolate, bulk chocolate and much more! -- A great resource for all you chocolate lovers.

Cloister's Reviews
Cloister has thoroughly reviewed 30 types of chocolate, and given them a rating from 0 to 5. No doubt this man loves his work.

Daniel Rogov's Ten Best Chocolate Desserts In the World
Daniel Rogov, professional wine, restaurant and travel critic, lists his personal favorites from around the world. If you plan to visit any of these restaurants, take note of which desserts he has recommended.

The site is filled with informative information such as a complete listing of all of the chocolate shops in New York City.

Epinions Members Review Sabra Liqueur
This is a chocolate orange liqueur, which is only made in Israel. Before you go to the trouble of trying to find a bottle, you might want to read what others think about it.

Eric's Chocolate Store Reviews
Eric shares his opinion on many brands of chocolate, as well as comments and information about various shops.

Lund's Fine Chocolate Reviews
Lund Wolfe has tasted and reviewed a seemingly endless list of chocolates. This is a very interesting and informative page, and just might give you the notion to try one or two brands you hadn't thought about before.

San Francisco Restaurant Reviews and More
Stephanie Zonis, who's "I Love Chocolate" column regularly appears at the Global Gourmet website, takes on San Francisco restaurants. If you are planning a visit soon, this guide may help you decide on the best place for dinner and dessert.

Stephanie Goes To Las Vegas
A reviewer for the Global Gourmet takes on Vegas, and tells us what the good bets are for the best chocolate in town. She also discovers several chocolatiers creating everything from chocolate croissants to preservative-free candies.

Two Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka Reviews
Learn what "Nightclub & Bar Magazine" and "Chocolatier Magazine" think of this chocolate-flavored vodka. Of course, both are favorable since they are posted on Goldenbarr's own website.

Wine and
Read wine reviews, find links to wineries and chocolate companies, search for recipes and accessories, and more. finds this site to be of a like mind to ours, blending a love of good drinks with the chocolate experience.
A new site dedicated to reviewing the providers of chocolate, pastries and other sweet gourmet foods. They review mostly independant makers rather than large chains; many of their reviews are for stores based in Canada, but some apply to widely available chocolates.

Have I left out a site that should be on this list? E-Mail me the details at lori at cocoajava dot com so I can check it out! Please allow a few weeks for new link requests to be completed.