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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
Contains no milk or eggs. A chocolate molasses cookie with chocolate chips for a nice double whammy.

Chocolate Espresso and Roasted Pecan Torte
The secret to this delicious torte is creamed coconut, but the espresso coffee and brandy add an intriguing blend of flavors.

Chocolate-Cherry-Kirsch Hearts
A romantic, luscious dish, loaded with chocolate, hazelnuts and cherries. Very pretty to look at and wonderful to eat.

Divine Chocolate
Fair trade, vegetarian chocolate in the United Kingdom. There are a few vegan products, as well.

Gourmet Chocolates for Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate Lovers! For your enjoyment we have luscious gourmet Belgian chocolate, Vegan chocolate, Sugar Free chocolate, truffles, gift baskets, chocolate dipped fruit, gourmet desserts, recipes & much more at Sweet Diet Delights. Sink your sweet tooth into decadent gourmet chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat
This Britsh company offers absolutely gorgeous chocolates, including a wide variety of vegetarian choices.

Indulge In Chocolate
Gourmet chocolate for true gourmet chocolate lovers. Vegan, sugar free, low carb, chocolate cherries and more.

Plamil Foods
Makers of a variety of chocolate products for those who follow a vegan diet and for all those with allergies to ingredients like dairy milk, eggs etc. Many products are organic and Plamil is against the use of genetically modified ingredients. Based in the United Kingdom.

Super Duper Crunchy Chocolate Clusters
Super easy - only three ingredients! This recipe calls for some strong, vigorous stirring, so you'll probably work off the calories before you even eat them.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles
Soy products take the place of dairy in these delicious morsels. You must go to the bottom of the page to locate the recipe.

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