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Some people dream of opening a cafe of their own. I will admit that I have had this dream for a while... but have wanted it in another reality. And now my dream is coming true! I'm still in the process of building the CocoaJava Cafe in Second Life, but I thought it would be fun to share some pictures with you. If any CocoaJava readers are also residents of Second Life, do feel free to drop by, have a cup of cappuccino, and relax a bit. Here is the SLurl to take you directly to the cafe.

If you aren't sure what Second Life® is, it is a virtual world that is created by its Residents. Unlike most computer games, there are no set goals, no levels to climb and no points to score. What you get out of Second Life is in large part accomplished by what you put into it. There are opportunities to build homes and businesses, design clothing, buy and sell merchandise, socialize, attend concerts, take classes... the world is limited only by your own imagination.

Within this reality, I have created a Victorian era young woman named Ceejay Writer. (Ceejay being an homage to this site! Cee = Cocoa and Jay = Java). She lives in a large city called New Babbage. It is winter in New Babbage right now, and the year is 1881. Last month Ceejay purchased a piece of property, inherited a large red-brick building in need of some work, and set out to build her dream - and mine.

It's been quite a learning experience for both Ceejay and I to master the art of structural building and design, but it's a fun challenge. Slowly, the building is undergoing a metamorphoses. The red brick has now turned into gray stone. A large patio area has become an open-air gathering place and is furnished with tables and chairs. Visitors can sit and relax while helping themselves to a cup of cappuccino from a rather unique gear-driven Victorian cappuccino maker.

I couldn't leave out chocolate fountains either! Considering the era, I think my steam-powered chocolate fountains are quite amusing. Visitors who wish to have a chocolaty treat are given either a marshmallow or a strawberry when they touch the fountains, perfect for dipping and enjoying.

Over time, as my building skills grow, I shall be adding my own line of designer truffles, embellishing the building a bit more, and I do have some future surprises in mind.

The cafe has already become a favored destination for neighborhood residents who tend to gather in groups to socialize on the patio. The occasional street performer has stopped by and set out a hat to perform for tips, and I welcome such impromptu, happy entertainment.

I shall also be adding information about this website and our real-life community forum so that cafe visitors might become aware of CocoaJava beyond the borders of Second Life. By way of this article I am also doing the reverse!

No matter in what reality one travels, there is always a need for a hot cup of coffee, or a nibble of chocolate. Even pixilated avatars need their treats!