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Coffee Anybody?

Copyright ©2006 Julian Bravo

No Coffee Only Milk, Please

Nice baby's rosie cheeks,
And chunky legs,
Wonderful beautiful eyes I see,

No coffee only milk, please,
Shake it,
Some sugar,
And by the way,
It goes well with cheese,

Decision none,
Try some cream,
Have some colorful dreams...

I'll Try Some Coffee, Please

Nobody touches my cheeks,
Two strong legs to kick,
Over the horizon I can see,

I'll try some coffee, please,
Is it better stirred?
Lots of sugar for me,
And by the way,
Let me indulge myself with cheese,

Decision mine,
I'll have all the cream,
That was my whole dream...

Shall We Have Some Coffee, Please

Make sure to protect your cheeks,
Your legs will get tired,
Can you the beautiful colors see,

Shall we have some coffee, please,
Let's try to stir it and see,
Not too much sugar for us,
And by the way,
What about some nice cheese,

Decision ours,
We all should enjoy the cream,
We are altogether in this dream...

I Shall Drink Some Coffee, Please

Nobody should turn their cheeks,
Nor use their legs to run,
The eyes were made to beauty see,

I shall drink some coffee, please,
If I want I'll stir it,
Sugar is up to the individual,
And by the way,
I'll let you know if I want cheese,

Decision should be mine,
I have the right to some cream,
This is the civilized world's dream...

Black Coffee Please

I have only two cheeks to turn,
Two legs to run,
But not only two eyes to see,

Black coffee please, not tea,
Stir not,
Sugar not, not sugar free,
And by the way,
It doesn't go well with cheese,

Decision yours,
Now you eat all your cream,
That was your concious dream...

I'll Take Some Coffee If It's Ready, Please

My cheeks have turned many times,
My legs run no more,
I need my glasses to see,

I'll take some coffee if it's ready, please,
It's okay if I don't stir it,
No more sugar sorry, thank you,
And by the way,
It would be nice if we had some cheese,

Decisions... Decisions...
It may decide the amount of cream,
Sometimes it may turn out a beautiful dream...

I chose the word 'cheek' as an anology to a person's exposure to life. In the first poem, cheeks refer to an infant/baby as we all started off in life, cute and innocent. On the second poem it refers to a young person, full of pride and the courage to face life. The third is when we experience life as a parent, and we become more concern about the dangers of life. The fourth poem refers to our mature age when we have experienced life enough to conclude that not all is right. The fith is when we got to a stage in life that we understand that we cannot always win and we have already tasted some disappointment in life and realize that we are only human. And the last refers the old age when we have experienced enough of life's happiness and sadness, but we still see beauty in little things.

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