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Coffee Art
Coffee Art is a unique technique developed by Karen Eland to express her creative imagination. All paintings displayed on this website are created entirely out of espresso on watercolor paper.

Coffee Painting
Coffee Painting is also known as Arfé. The word comes from a combination of the words art and café!! Amita Chudasama and
Mira Chudasama are coffee artists from India.

This site is dedicated to espresso and cappuccino cups collectors and fans. The collection includes logo espresso coffee cups from worlds famous brands like COVIM, Café Del Moro, Illy, LAVAZZA, Saquella, Cellini, MIKO, PURO, D&E, Alfredo and many others.

Ginger Coffee
This product was recommended to me by a CocoaJava reader, who said, "It comes in individual packets, and when you dissolve it in a cup of water you end up with the grind at the bottom of the cup like turkish coffee. I usually make it in a melior-type press so I can pour off the liquid."

How To Make A Good Coffee
This step by step pictorial makes coffee art look easy - but it's truly an art that takes time and patience to master. Still, why not give it a try yourself, using these pictures as your inspiration? No matter how your attempt looks, at least it will taste nice!

Just Coffee
Andy and Angel have been painting with coffee for several years, and have completed hundreds of original artworks. Nearly every person who views the work is amazed that the artwork is painted entirely in coffee - no additives, 100% pure coffee.

The Kopi Luwak Story
Check out the animated graphic at the top of this site, and you'll have a good idea of how these rare, expensive coffee beans are, um, 'prepared'. Some folk swear they are the best, but I'm not sure I could bring myself to try it!

Latte Art
Rate My Rosetta is a latte art community where members upload, rate, and comment on pictures of latte and coffee art.

Lotte Coffee Gum
Ms. CocoaJava has tried Lotte's Coffee Gum, and it's actually quite good!

Malmsey's Glass Chocolates
Malmsey’s has taken on the delightful task of presenting the only location on the internet where the entire line of beautiful art glass confections by Hulet Glass can be found. Don't miss the latest addition to the line - espresso!

Manhattan Special Pure Espresso Coffee Soda
As the original and award-winning Pure Espresso Coffee Soda, we have satisfied loyal consumers with our family's secret recipe for over 100 years. Our unique blend of the world's finest coffee beans (which are hand brewed to perfection), along with the use of pure cane sugar, has allowed us to create a truly delicious coffee experience!

No Such Animal Studios
When most people look down at a coffee ring on a table or napkin, first instinct tells them to grab a sponge and wipe it up, or throw the napkin away. Not Ezju Kranz. It was one of those rings and a few deep brown drips on a napkin that launched him into what would become a series of paintings revolving around coffee culture. "I was just sitting in a cafe with a co-worker complaining about my sales job," says Ezju. "As a joke, I framed the napkin and hung it in his cubicle. He told me I should market it."

Royal Coffeemaker
Distributors of balancing syphon systems. These are not only fully functional, efficient machines, but are also works of art in their own right. Don't miss out on browsing this fascinating site.

Search for the Best Mocha Latte In the World
Travel and taste with Circus Boy Nathan as he tours North America with the circus continuing on his quest for the "Best Mocha Latte in the World."

Have I left out a site that should be on this list? E-Mail me the details at lori at cocoajava dot com so I can check it out! Please allow a few weeks for new link requests to be completed.