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Tami the Coffee-Loving Horse Karie, a CocoaJava reader, emailed me this rather amusing photo...

"Wanted to share this photo with you of my miniature horse, Tami sneaking a sip of my coffee the minute I turned my back! She is 5 years old, thirty-one inches tall and she's pregnant! Her baby is due in July!" (2006)


Alt.Coffee - Brewing Guide
An ALT.COFFEE guide to the proper method of brewing great drip coffee at home. If you thought brewing a cup of coffee or reading a newsgroup were simple tasks, you'll change your mind after reading these 'simple' instructions.

Coffee Humor and Trivia
Follow the dancing coffee bean trail your mouse makes to all sorts of fun.

The Coffee Movie
A funny little documentary project! I dare you to watch this film and not tell me you would have been tempted to try it, too.

Coffee Police
Do you live in the UK or Ireland? Do you know of an establishment committing the horrible crime of serving bad coffee? Report them to the Coffee Police today!

The Iconoweb Coffee Cantata
Grab a fun tagline for your signature files, oooh and aaah over Mayu Kanamori's photographs, and recall the days when ascii art was cutting-edge.

Rite Mail Java Cups
Write an interactive e-mail letter, using your mouse as an actual pen to 'write' the letter on these cute java mug pieces of e-stationery.

Screaming Man On Caffeine
A collection of seven classic 'screaming man' designs. Enjoy his company, but don't even try to calm him down. Postcards
Send your friends a fun postcard to remind them to go refill their mug.

The Trojan Room Coffee Pot
In 1991, a webcam was aimed at a simple coffee pot in order to inform those working on other floors in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory if it was empty or full. And thus, a legend was born that lives on today...

Twin Peaks Coffee Quotes
The Twin Peaks Brewing Company website also has coffee recipes and other fun stuff for fans of this vintage David Lynch television series.

University of Psychogenic Fugue: A Course Catalog for Students of Life
This book was recommended to me by a CocoaJava reader - I especially recommend the class in Postmodern Coffee. If you like the writing style of The Onion, you'll love this book.

You Know You're Addicted To Coffee......
See how many of these statements apply to you - while sipping a cup of coffee, of course.

Have I left out a site that should be on this list? E-Mail me the details at lori at cocoajava dot com so I can check it out! Please allow a few weeks for new link requests to be completed.


Testimonials from satisfied CocoaJava readers...

"I've learned my lesson - from now on, I'm eating chocolate when watching football. No more pretzels for me! I can't thank you enough, CocoaJava, I'm all choked up!" - President George W. Bush

"I liked the site so much, I named a programming language after it" - Brendan Eich, Inventor of JavaScript

"If Brendan Eich can do it, so can we!" - Allen Cypher and David Smith, Inventors of the Cocoa visual system for Macs

"I'm thrilled to see that people still want to see coffee on the web!" - The Trojan Room Coffee Pot (now living comfortably in retirement)