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Coffee-Cardamom Pots de Creme
Rich, creamy custards that perfectly blend the flavors of coffee and cardamom. The inspiration for this elegant dessert was the traditional manner of drinking coffee in some Middle Eastern countries through a cardamom pod held in one's teeth. Delicious served with a deluxe cream sherry.

Coffee World
A wonderful site - good trivia pages, and a great glossary, with clear, easy to understand definitions for many of the common terms used in the coffee business. Also, a HUGE recipe database!

CoolBrew Coffee Recipes
CoolBrew is a coffee concentrate made by the New Orleans Coffee Company. This versatile concentrate can be used in a variety of recipes, as presented here at the official website.

Dream Ship: Coffee, Teas and Treasures - Cappuccino
A variety of cappuccino recipes, including some luscious chocolate filled drinks.

Frozen Caramel
Features a recipe for a frozen caramel latte. Tastes just like the blended iced espresso drink from Panera Bread.

Gevalia Coffee
A very beautiful website full of information, recipes, and merchandise. Click their "Cafe" link, then "Recipes".

Gregoe's Cookbook - Greek Coffee
Ripped from the pages of the "General Ramblings and Recipes of a Mediterranean Pirate Cook who was born into orphan-hood and raised by pirates", Chef Gregoe Zlatkis brings us his recipe for Greek Coffee - very useful aboard ship for hungover pirates, or even for 'normal' folk who just want something with some umph to it!

Maxwell House Recipes
Hot and chilled coffee recipes as well as lots of great dessert ideas like Cappuccino Sorbetto, or chekc out the cakes section for Espresso Mini Cakes and more.

New England Coffee
New England Coffee has a nice collection of both food and drink recipes made with coffee.

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