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Bud Nelson says... "I do not recall how I got this mug, I think it was one of those Christmas draw a co-workers name and buy a gift. Anyway I used it for years at work, and it never went missing. If I accidentally left it somewhere it was always returned. Everyone knew who it belonged to. It eventually developed a hairline crack and I had to retire it but could not throw it away so it now sits on a shelf at home."


"Rics" says... "my dear sweet perfect daughter came through lacking the sculpture gene, as did i, her dad. we tried to sell this on ebay, couldnt believe we had no takers."


Tony Giles of Hong Kong, China submitted this horrifying photograph without comment. The photo was taken by his very brave daughter, Miki. I don't dare ask the details and reasons for its condition. I think it's best we leave some things to mystery, and just stare at them in awe.


Tim Cornock says... "This mug is a funky translucent white and green horror that we inherited from my Father-in-law. To give you some idea how nasty it is in real life, I can only bring myself to use it to fill the cat litter box."


The ugly mug of Rich Carmel, who hails from Alicante, Spain.


Mary-Ann Johnson of Tempe, Arizona says... "Though it's not as ugly as it could possibly be (I honestly love this mug - it was hand made in Mexico, and it's HUGE!), it is just plain odd. If you have a Freudian mind, I have included a picture of the design on the front for interpretation. It gives me a smile every time I use it. :P


Theresa Douglas of Glasgow Scotland thinks that the Brits are the best when it comes to ugly mugs. Do you agree?

Joelle Rousseau's mug seems to resemble the Teacup ride at Disneyland... (And look! That's CocoaJava on his screen!)

Disneyland called, they want their cup back.

Evelene Suggs submitted her pastel hallucination. What would Monet have thought?

Where's My Sunglasses?

Paul Johns supplied this line of logic: "There’s a trick to being the first to have a cup of coffee in your office every workday. Here’s the scoop. Bring many coffee cups to work. Fill all of them up. Drink one & hide the others, letting them sit till they dry up. After a weeks time you can start your rotation. Go to one of your hiding places, B-line it to the restroom, turn the hot water on and fill it up. Boom, there you have it - instant coffee! Now don’t forget to fill your mug and hide it or you’ll run out of instant coffee. Works great with hot cocoa too!"


Wanda Key says... "Seeing spots before your eyes?"

I've seen these spots in the children's book,"Put Me In The Zoo"

I scrubbed it, but this cup STILL has spots!


Jennie Hasselbacher says, "BOY, is it UGLY!! Plastic, and the most horrid lime-green/baby blue combination color! Ugh! It has a "sister" that is a dark steel blue.... who ever came up with these awful colors for plastic mugs?? It must have been from the 70's.....*LOL*

Tipsi-da to Java!!

Remember When We Were Told 'Plastics Were The Future'?

Rhonda Elpers apparently likes her coffee to have a little bite to it!



Eric Coy says... "I had to dig this out of storage and deprive a mouse of his home for a short time. Can't remember who pawned this off on me, but I haven't used it since I dropped it on my toe and nearly broke it (the toe)."

Suprising that the kiln didn't kill it out of mercy...


Tess Erixon says, "Maybe this mug looks nice in the picture (or not!) but it's horrible, it´s old and yellow (used to be white) and crackled... and what´s up with the german text? (I´m swedish) It means like "Dear Grannie", and there´s no Grannie in this house! My Boyfriend had only this mug and another (just as ugly) when we moved in together and we´ll sure need some new *lol*.


Lookie! Even Ms. CocoaJava has an ugly mug! (Don't worry, he's not in the contest... he's our Mascot.)

Vintage 1974 Ceramic Frog


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