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As we slide into the holiday season, it seems like a great time to offer a shopping guide. Every website included in this guide has a special place in's heart, each for their own special reason. This is my small way of saying a 'thank you' to each of them and encouraging you to check out what each site has to offer., Inc. opened its virtual doors in 1995, and over that time, has helped over 4 million customers decorate their walls from the world’s large collection of art imagery.

New Orleans Ice Cream Co.
Ice cream hand crafted in the Crescent City using all natural flavors and the very freshest local ingredients.

Chocolate Cheese
Invented at Michigan State University, this is real cheese and real chocolate blended together. Ms. CocoaJava has tasted this product, and proclaims it very nice - rather a lot like fudge!

The Tasty Show
Chocolate everything! Interviews, reviews, tastings, events, information, and more! Don't miss the Chocolate Tasting Kit for 2.

The Chocolate Vault
Located in Tecumseh, Michigan (In a very charming store that Ms. CocoaJava and friends have visited!) This company provides an extensive amount of molded chocolates for any need or occasion, and can ship year-round.

HT Brown Coffee
Dedicated to searching the globe for the best beans they can find, roasting them to a level that brings out the best aspects of the coffee bean, and shipping them to you, the customer, immediately.

Jeremiah's Pick
This San Francisco roaster uses high quality Arabica beans. For something a little different, try their Chocatal Coffee, which is a blend of coffee beans and cocoa nibs, for a coffee/chocolate blend that's smooth and flavorful.

New Orleans Coffee Company
Makers of CoolBrew, a fresh instant coffee. Coffee & Chicory, Decaf French Roast, Whole Bean French Roast and Premium Ground French roast coffees are available in whole and ground bean form.

Cissi's Market
Located in the fashionable "SoCo" (for South Congress) area of south Austin. Traveling people come here everyday for the Austin experience.

The Muddy Cup
Three New York locations - Staten Island, Albany and Hudson. Wireless internet access is available for patrons. "Our space is available to anyone who wants to share their craft whether it be a singer, writer, musician, sculptor or poet."

The Witches Brew
A pagan run cafe in Auburn, NY. Also sells herbs, lotions and books. Look for bumper stickers, rainbow products and other support items for the gay community (proceeds go to the Unitarian Church's Auburn Pride Celebration). Seasonal and regular coffees are available, and also "The Witches Brew", which is more of a robust blend sure enough to get you flying, (on a broom if you will). Also the Kitchen Witch is always working hard baking sweets to make your mouth water. There is also a wonderful lunch menu with paninis, sandwiches, salads and soups. "Come on down to the Witches Brew and sit for a 'spell'!"
This site was recently redesigned, and I just love it. This is one of my favorite coffee sites on the web, and a marvelous way to soak up some great news and information.

Wild Critter Productions
Produces custom music CD compilations for association with your project or company. You can also buy your own copy of Coffee with Joe, in which all the songs celebrate coffee.

Too Much Coffee Man
A site, and a magazine that must be seen - it's indescribable. Full of strange, great fun!

Coffee Police
Do you live in the UK or Ireland? Do you know of an establishment committing the horrible crime of serving bad coffee? Report them to the Coffee Police today!

Gourmet Coffee Xpress - Online Coffee Company
This is YOUR Xpress Shoppe – the convenient spot to explore a new world of unique coffees and teas and much, much more…or if you like you can savor your favorites in a convenient ongoing basis.

Sweet Maria's
A great source of beans, as well as a lot of information to help you learn the fine art of home roasting.

Cuppa Joe Cozy
Tired of burning your hands on hot coffee in takeaway cups? Not thrilled about those single-use paper insulating sleeves? Don't like carrying around advertising for coffee companies? Bring some personality to your morning fix. And you can watch Cheryl, your intrepid cozy-maker, in an interview focusing on a new generation of knitters - video hosted on YouTube.

Mug Revolution
Mug Revolution creates high quality handmade coffee mugs and promotional coffee mugs at their studio located in Bend, Oregon.

Infusions of Grandeur
Infusions of Grandeur is a blog of vodka infusions and mad science. Your hosts, renowned mad scienticians Brendan and Wayland, begin an experiment each week, infusing vodka with a new flavor. (CocoaJava would like to note that both chocolate and coffee vodkas have been created.)

Coffee Snob's Cold Drip Coffee Maker
This coffee maker is gorgeous. It's an homage to the Victorian era - can't you just see Jules Verne with one of these aboard the Nautilus? The glass pieces are beautifully shaped, the metal bits add detail and sparkle, and the wood framework is as warm and rich as the cup of coffee you're anticipating...

If you're planning a holiday party, why not consider including a chocolate fountain? Check out these fountain suppliers!

Chocolate Fountain Sales
The internet’s leading authority on chocolate fountains. Purchase fountains and accessories for immediate shipment worldwide.

Chocolate Fountain Directory
The Chocolate Fountain Directory for your local supplier of chocolate fountains, champagne fountains, home fountains and ice sculptors.

Chocolate Fountain Search
Chocolate fountains are quickly becoming a must have at weddings, parties and other events. Find a Chocolate Fountain for Rent or Purchase in your area.

California Chocolate Fountains
This California based company has chocolate fountains for rent or purchase in two sizes, and can handle events from 20 to 2,000 guests.

Chocolat Elegant Fondue
Serves the entire Chicagoland area and its surrounding suburbs. Featuring small and medium commercial fountains, as well as centerpiece Micro fountains for smaller events. Each package includes two (2) hours of consecutive running time, your own professional server, delivery, set-up, guest assistance and monitoring, our beautifully elegant table decor, tear-down and clean-up.

Choco Fountain - Chocolate Fountains
Offers Nationwide chocolate fountain rental & leasing. United States manufacturer of chocolate fountains with direct sales available for immediate worldwide shipping.

Just Temptations
Chocolate fountains for rent in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas available in dark, white and milk chocolate. A “must have” at any event.

Sweet Sensations
Chocolate fountains for rent in London, Ontario! Bernard Callebaut Chocolate in dark, milk or white. Three sizes of fountains available 19, 34 & 44 inches tall. Indulge in the "Ultimate Chocolate Experience"! The "hit" of every event.

Chocolate Fountain Hire
A chocolate fountain company covering the whole of the South of the UK including Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Berkshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight.

London Chocolate Fountains
The Premier Chocolate Fondue Fountain supplier in London.